In marketing, content is king. Quality content is the backbone of any marketing strategy, attracting readers and driving traffic where you want it to go. But not all content will get the job done. Content must appeal to your reader. These five creative content rules can add to your strategy and help boost consumer attention.

Relevance: Creative content must be relevant to your company or niche and to your target audience. Do some research. Find out what your audience is talking about and create content that caters to their interests. If you’re trying to market custom-made surfboards, for instance, your audience may enjoy content on "how to properly wax a board?". Ask yourself: if you came across your own content online, would it pull you in? Would you stick around, long enough to read it? Successful content hooks the reader's attention and relates seamlessly to the business or product for which it’s been created. If your content is relevant and creative, you should have no problem gaining followers.


Know your audience: Finding, maintaining and engaging a keen audience is a top priority for your business. But who is your audience? Your audience is the people with whom you’re communicating through all your mediums. Developing an audience can be easy. But maintaining that audience will require an understanding of their needs, which can be tough. The key is listening to those communicating back to you on your platforms, paying attention to what keeps them interested, and giving them more of what they want. Surveys can be a great tool for ascertaining what your audience is seeking. 

Visualization: Because the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text, creative content should be accompanied by engaging visuals. Quality photos, compelling graphics and informative videos can greatly boost the draw of your content, increase comprehension of your message and significantly affect emotional attitudes towards your business. Take advantage of the treasure trove of videos uploaded to YouTube by investing some time finding ones that hone in on your brand's message. When you find a video that matches your brand, share it with your followers on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Adobe Stock is another great tool for finding images to use on your company's blog, email blast, and social media post. Let visual aspects draw the attention of your audience. Then, let your verbiage keep their attention.

Transparency: Nobody’s perfect. No businesses is either. If your company has upset a customer, it’s important to address the offense (or perceived offense) immediately. Unlike traditional marketing done via methods such as billboards which provided one-way communication between marketers and consumers, digital marketing allows consumers a platforms to communicate and engage with businesses, making it vital that you commit to transparency. Demonstrate sympathy for the consumer. Acknowledge faults. And respect consumer opinion. People like to know what motivates a business and what their morals are. Staying transparent creates trust. And trust creates a relationship with audience that will last.


Strategy: There are different types of content and different reasons for using each. We’ve found the most success employing three types of content: informative, call-to-action and engaging. If your goal is to educate the reader about a product or business, a well-written, informative post is the way to go. If you’re seeking to inspire the reader to use your service or contact your office, a simple call-to-action post will work. Similarly, if your goal is to create conversation with followers, post something engaging and interesting that will encourage comment. Before posting anything, know what your goal is and build from there. Varying your creative content will make your business appear diverse and fun while capturing that much-wanted attention.

As technology advances, digital marketing knowledge is increasing valuable to businesses. Employing these five elements within your content will help drive traffic to your business. MOXY Company creates content perfectly tailored to the needs of our clients and their targeted audiences. It's your brand. Carefully and strategically crafting the digital voice of your brand is our passion!