Facebook. Instagram. Linkedin. Google. Healthgrades. WebMD. Doximity. Yelp. Twitter. How could these seemingly remote entities have so much to do with how patients are making their medical decisions? 

A lot. 

The medium of choice for researching information about healthcare issues, health conditions, and or a physician's reputation is the internet. Potential patients are relying on other people's reviews, recommendations and experiences to make their choice as to which medical professional to trust with their health.

You have a lot of control over your patient's experience when they visit your practice with how you train your staff and the overall visit experience. 

But it doesn't have to end there. 

Most medical professionals think that once a patient leaves the practice, it's hard to have a say on what they review/comment/say out on the internet. 

And that couldn't be further from the reality. With our MOXY Strategy Sessions, we help our Medical Clients shape their brand online by creating a plan for their online marketing. This, in turn, helps potential patients find their practice both on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Instagram; and therefore, create an incredible online first impression. 

Yes, patients are looking to see if a medical practice has a Facebook page and an Instagram account.  

Social media is here, and it’s here to stay. So, if you don't have a strategy for your Facebook page or your Instagram account, take a deep breath - you're not "behind" – you just have some catching up to do.

Every business in the medical profession, from a large hospital to the one physician practice, needs a marketing plan, a strategy, and a social media presence. Because medical marketing is changing, it's important that all healthcare organizations and physicians get on board.

If a hospital, medical practice or doctor doesn't control their own reputation, someone (the internet) will control it for them - and sometimes, not favorably. And what's worst, oftentimes, healthcare sites have auto generated physician profiles -Yikes! And most often, the information is incorrect. 

Nothing to sweat when you have a little MOXY help. You can, and you will,  shape what consumers see about your medical practice on the internet. We do this by helping you control and maintain the online presence of a physician's online profile.

In a world where self proclaimed "health gurus" are putting out their advice on the internet, having a social presence is vital. 

After creating a customized Social and Marketing strategy, MOXY assists our medical clients with claiming their profile on healthcare sites and social platforms as well as ensuring that a physician's information and reputation is accurate. 

Don't think it's an issue for your practice? Head over to Google or Yelp and see what consumers are saying about you as well as run a  check that your medical practice information is accurate. If it's not, it's time to tackle the errors and the social media platforms with confidence while navigating regulatory and privacy concerns, and monitor and measure a physician's social presence with purpose and intelligence. 

Of course, you can check out a recent article by Taryn Offenbachr, a Communications Specialist at the Mayo Clinic, where she shares Three Reasons that Prove Social Media Benefits Doctors.

Are you back from Googling your practice yet? Great. 

If it's time to get your practice social strategy in order, look up, click on "Contact" above and let us know how we can help you.