Kiley Guidry, Social Media Director | Christy Owenby, Founder & Creative Director | Paul Snow, Partner & Business Development

What is a business without its customers? The ability to communicate with and advertise to customers is an essential element in any business plan. A marketing strategy should do more than just advertise to potential and existing customers. It should also facilitate direct interaction between a business and its clients. The advantages of a strategic marketing plan can provide any business with new and evolving opportunities to reach new customers and expand the reach of its products or services.


Spreading the word about a business or product is vital to its success. An inadequate marketing strategy can leave a business, its products or its services overlooked by many potential customers. A successful marketing strategy should create exposure for a business and further the development of its brand. A business that identifies, targets, and interacts with a select demographic through the available channels of communication can create individual relationships with customers and effectively craft media that specifically cater to an individual interest. Besides facilitating exposure and interaction with clients, a well-developed marketing strategy should also communicate to the viewer the defining mission and culture that surrounds a business and its brand. Brand development can be expedited with the creation and dissemination of media across a multitude of channels.


Engaging and interacting with clients to generate customer feedback is a crucial component of a well-developed marketing strategy. Businesses often rely on the commodity of customer feedback to improve their products and services, and before the proliferation of social media, customer feedback was harder to extract and analyze. The marketing landscape of today allows businesses to gather feedback that is unique to the individual customer instantaneously. The limitations of traditional marketing have surmounted by the capabilities of social networking sites. Digital marketing also yields the additional advantage of cost efficiency over traditional marketing practices by providing expanded access to more media content to a greater number of customers at a lesser expense. The employment of digital marketing to generate customer feedback and interaction in a cost-efficient manner should be an objective defined within any marketing plan.


Think of business as a tree. As a seed planted in the soil, a tree requires water, sunlight, and other nutrients to grow into a sprawling piece of shade and natural art. Similar to a sprouting tree, an emerging business needs a combination of attention and other essentials to grow and sustain itself. A well-developed marketing strategy is one of those essential components that businesses

Businesses often hinder their success by placing a greater focus on launching its product or service rather than marketing and media dissemination. A marketing strategy is essential for stimulating organic growth within any creative enterprise by facilitating customer interaction and broadcasting brand specific messages in a cost-efficient manner.