A personalized touch can mean a lot in today’s society, especially when it comes to healthcare. Think about situations that occur throughout your day. There is some form of technology you interact with, whether it is changing the radio station, checking your bank accounts, or giving your insurance card to your healthcare provider. While technology is helpful, in many situations, it also removes something important- the human connection! Personal communication can go a long way, especially in a time when most of us are consumed by technology all day.

Healthcare, as defined by Miriam-Webster, are efforts made to maintain or restore physical, mental, or emotional well-being especially by trained and licensed professionals. Because of today’s technology, different aspects of healthcare are being lost- compassion, care, and the comfort of genuine human concern. After all, isn’t that what we all want from our doctor who is caring for our health? Along with technological advancements, what we all want from our doctor is compassion and care. To give your practice a well-rounded marketing plan, it’s important to do both old school connecting with patients alongside modern marketing tactics. Here are a few:


This is still an important tool! It’s more than an e-mail blasts; think about it - how quickly do you scan through your emails, deciding whether or not you have time to read, digest, or care about the message and contents? You do this in a few seconds. As a society, we get less and less paper mail, so when we do receive something in the mail, we pay attention to it more. Here are some ways to use old school communication tactics to market your practice and remind current patients that your practice cares about them both inside and outside of the office!

  • Handwritten notes

  • Happy Birthday cards

  • Graduation congrats


Created and given by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Fireside Chats were a series of 30 evening radio addresses with a conversational and friendly tone to them, to address current events and issues facing the nation. Now, let’s fast forward nearly 100 years - Reaching your patients through podcast, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube are tools to do the exact same thing in your medical practice in a simple and budget-friendly way! This is truly marrying a time old marketing tactic with modern technology/social media.

Each week or month, address a new topic in a 5 to 10 minute video. This is a good time span, as it is easily digestible and can be listened to during a commute,  while making dinner or on a quick run. The next biggest hurdle - “What will I talk about?!” Discuss the top questions you’re asked during a new patient visit, new treatment options, or health topics within your speciality. Here are some ideas to get the juices flowing:

  • Talk about breast reconstruction? Dr. M’liss Hogan is the doc to know when it comes to breast reconstruction after breast cancer.

  • Importance of clinical trials. Pontchartrain Cancer Center knows how to share about the importance of clinical trials in the cancer space.

  • Summer fun - Best methods to protect from sun burns, mosquito bites, and more. TIP: Need a dermatologist who knows how to connect with her patients? Check out Dr. Christel Malinski’s Instagram account.

  • The great vaccine debate - How do I figure out what is right for my family? Lots of questions here ~ Head over to St. Tammany Pediatrics for more information.

  • Back Pain -  How to maintain a healthy spine? Look no further - these guys are the BEST - Cantor Spine.com

  • Tips and pearls for condition and procedure. Two great docs that know how to connect with their patients - Dr. Anthony Giuffrida and Dr. John Asghar

  • Why do I have ringing in my ears? Dr. Leigh Hogan will “listen” and let you know what’s going on.

The sky is the limit when it comes to topics, so get creative! Social Media can serve as a means to reach local and national audiences- both in one fell swoop! It is a platform that has worldwide reach, but you can choose to target your message to your local community. If you are looking to become a thought leader on particular aspect of healthcare, this is a method to showcase your expertise and market your medical practice while reaching patients too!


Don’t be out of sight or out of mind. As a practice and a doctor, the more involved in your community, the more engaged you’ll be. People have to know, like, and trust you first. People who are acquainted with a physician and practice before ever walking through the doors have a sense of trust through a community connection. Some ways to do this would be to sponsor a local youth sports team, donate to a silent auction, sponsor the first aid area for a 5K charity race, give a free health screening on a Saturday at the community center, or go to the elementary school and give a talk about healthy eating and exercise. The sky is the limit with ways to get involved! The key is to choose events that connect back to your specific healthcare speciality. Doing so will put your name and practice out in the community.

Want more advice? We are here to help! We can help craft a genuine and unique marketing plan with old school aspects and modern technology to tell the story of you as a physician or your medical practice. Let’s Get Started!