Have you ever wondered what it takes to “go viral?”

Apparently, it’s a missed call by a referee that results in the loss of a beloved football team and a funny social post by a frustrated eye doctor. (Yes– the New Orleans Saints lost!)

That was the case when our client, Dr. Jeff Anastasio at Louisiana Family Eyecare, offered no-cost eye appointments to all NFL officials after the Saints’ loss to the LA Rams in January 2019. In less than 12 hours, the post had been shared over 1k times and was gaining local and national exposure– even getting a shout out on The Today Show.

A Case Study In Viral Excellence

In this instance, it was owner Dr. Anastasio who took matters into his own hands following the devastating loss that prevented his team from advancing to the Superbowl. While the post may have been a gut reaction to the loss, the viral firestorm that came with it was a welcomed boost of notoriety for the practice.

With a total of 1,538 shares, 24,123 engagements, 309,209 people reached and shoutouts from national media outlets, Louisiana Family Eyecare was quickly propelled into the national spotlight.

Now, fast forward 8 months later to the kick-off of the 2019-2020 preseason and a follow-up post. In less than 12 hours, Louisiana Family Eyecare’s post had been shared over 6k times and was featured on the local news station, WDSU.


The Formula For Success

Some may consider this simple luck, but as marketing professionals we understand that there is a formula for success that viral posts follow. Posts that go viral have the most success when they come from an authentic or relatable place. In this case, the entire NFL fan base had just finished watching one of the worst calls of the season and could freshly commiserate with Dr. Anastasio’s frustrations. Posting with humor also didn’t hurt—everyone loves to share a good laugh. THIS is the formula for making the most of your social media marketing.

When companies are connected with their audiences, show up authentically, and apply an effective social media strategy, their opportunities to see viral success are maximized.

A few Ways to show up authentically on social media:

  • Be honest with successes AND setbacks

  • Stop selling or pushing services 24/7 (it’s ok to simply add value without a call-to-action!)

  • Skip the clickbait headlines and topics

  • Show behind-the-scene moments with your audience

  • Help your customers or clients get to know your team

  • Answer questions and respond to comments

Now, consider that with MOXY’s team operating behind the scenes on a daily basis, their social media was already benefiting from consistent posts and engagement. This helped to increase their chances of reaching a higher number of people, even prior to going viral.

Our strategy– assist our clients in telling their story using engaging and authentic content, while staying behind the scenes to ensure their social media marketing is thriving.

How MOXY Works For You

At MOXY, we understand that this can be difficult to accomplish on your own. While social media marketing is uncharted territory for some– specially doctors– for us, it’s an everyday adventure—and we love it!  We strive to help support and offset the challenges our clients face by providing the social media tools, ideas, resources and strategies they need so they can get back to doing what they do best.

Our experienced team can facilitate every marketing business need from compelling content creation and data analyzation to lead generation.This allows medical practices, healthcare organizations and any type of business to focus on tasks that are required for business growth. Or, and feel free to call us crazy, but with MOXY successfully managing your social media, you can enjoy more time for yourself. If you’re ready to see how MOXY can make a difference in your social media marketing—and provide marketing strategy you need or the the workload relief you want—contact us today! You’re one call away from stress-free social media success!