The three E’s of life: Expression, Emotion and Experience. Often times, things happen in life that leave us seeking comfort or some type of consolation. We find this through song as we experience someone else’s emotions through their choice of musical expression. It’s a gift musicians give us that implies that you aren’t alone.

Listening to music offers an opportunity to enter into the mind of the musician. Just as observing a piece of art reflects the artist’s intentions, music offers the same interaction except it can be experienced anywhere, anytime and even with the eyes closed.

The extraordinary thing about music is that it is interpreted in whatever fashion the listener chooses. Someone yearning for a connection can listen to a song and feel as though they are holding the hand of the musician and suddenly they aren’t so alone anymore. Musicians express themselves through music to be used as motivation and solace.

“Music to me is a barrage of multiple modes of expression. Identifying the emotion or image you want to convey through song is the journey itself. If you let music take a hold of you, you learn to be patient and truly listen, “ says Jon Marc Kilpatrick, a local musician and proud music fanatic.

Live music acts as a platform for connectivity and the gathering of the crowd is a physical representation of this. The sight of 80 thousand people congregating and experiencing everything that a song means to them is enough to give you goose bumps. It is felt with the heart and it commands the emotion, having no limits to the message it carries.  

Someone just like you creates music for you. It’s a semantic that translates into every language. Music’s purpose is to connect personal emotions with the emotions of another. It is important to appreciate the art of music. I challenge you to give music a chance to free your spirit on a day-to-day basis.

By: Josh Demelo
Photo Credit: Derek Wohltmann - 2017 Voodoo Music + Arts Experience