Get Your Healthcare Practice Discovered on Instagram 

Get Your Healthcare Practice Discovered on Instagram 

According to social media management software company HubSpot, Instagram has 500 million daily active users. It’s also the social media platform of choice for many millenials. If you’re trying to reach prospective patients born in the 1980s and 1990s, your healthcare practice needs an active Instagram profile.

But with so many users scrolling through their feeds every day, and the Instagram algorithm constantly changing, how do you make your practice’s Instagram posts gain mindshare of potential new patients?

Keep reading for the MOXY Company’s tips on how to get your healthcare practice discovered on this popular social media platform.

Optimize Your Instagram Bio

You may not have realized it, but your Instagram bio and username are searchable! Carefully select copy for these aspects of your profile to create two additional pathways for new patients to find you.

But remember to keep your bio short and sweet. 

Instagram bios can only be 150 characters (including spaces), and your username is limited to 30 characters. Make sure to sprinkle in keywords you expect prospective patients to search for - such as “Interventional Spine” if you’re a physiatrist like Dr. Giuffrida at Cantor Spine Institute.

Also, don’t be afraid to embrace text speak to squeeze in more relevant information. Symbols like “+” or “&” for the word “and,” and using “w” to say “with” may not be grammatically correct, but they’re commonplace in Instagram profiles and posts. 

Use the Right Hashtags

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and noticed posts with a series of related hashtags?

On Instagram, using the right hashtags are key to getting discovered by new people, because users can search for new posts and users to follow by typing a hashtag into the search bar. 

But this doesn’t mean you should use every possible healthcare-related hashtag you can find. You need to use hashtags that are targeted to your ideal audience and related to your content, or users will scroll on by your posts.

To find the best hashtags for a post, tap the magnifying glass at the bottom of your Instagram app. From there, enter a search term related to your post, and tap “Search.” Next, tap the “Tags” text at the top of the app to see relevant hashtags, and the current number of posts using them. 

Don’t Forget to Create a Branded Hashtag

A branded hashtag that you create on your own, such as “#CantorSpine” if your medical practice is named “Cantor Spine Insitutute” won’t exactly help new users find you for the first time. But, consistently using branded hashtags will help those who have recently discovered you find other content you’ve posted in the past and post in the future. Also, help new leads who find you through other channels discover your social content by sharing your branded hashtag on items like brochures, your email signature, or billboards.

Always Tag Your Location

It’s great when Instagram users like your posts. But is a user in California who likes your latest video likely to visit your Covington oncology office for chemotherapy? Probably not. 

By using Instagram’s tagging feature to mark your location, you’re creating more targeted content to help users in your specific geographical area discover your practice.

Don’t Just Post on Instagram, Engage With Others, Too

Interacting with Instagram users who offer complementary products and services can help you develop social media relationships. The more connected you are with others on Instagram, the higher your odds are of people regramming your content to their followers (that is, sharing your post and attributing it to you).

For example, if you own a plastic surgery practice, start engaging with your city’s largest OB-GYN practices and top bariatric surgeons on Instagram. They just might regram your posts about mommy makeovers and body lifts to their own followers, who are, of course, likely to be interested in these procedures!

Just remember, when someone regrams your content, return the favor when they post something your think your followers will find useful or fun, too.

Remember Your Strategies for Other Social Media Platforms Aren’t Guaranteed to Work on Instagram

If you have a really successful Facebook page, you may be tempted to post that exact same content on Instagram. But, you can’t afford to take shortcuts when it comes to social media.

All social media platforms have unique audiences and content options. The quick one-liners you tweet won’t necessarily resonante on visually-driven Instagram. Each social media account your healthcare practice uses deserves its own social media strategy and unique content, too.

Get Instagram Help

The Moxy Company is led by CEO Christy Saia Owenby, a digital healthcare strategist and Mayo Clinic Social Media Network Bronze Fellow. She and her team help healthcare providers around the nation find new patients through social media. Your practice can be next!

To schedule a call with Christy, reach out to the Moxy Company today by calling (985) 256-0720 or emailing TEAM@MOXYCOMPANY.COM.

Propelling Your Brand Into the Viral Spotlight With Authenticity

Propelling Your Brand Into the Viral Spotlight With Authenticity

Have you ever wondered what it takes to “go viral?”

Apparently, it’s a missed call by a referee that results in the loss of a beloved football team and a funny social post by a frustrated eye doctor. (Yes– the New Orleans Saints lost!)

That was the case when our client, Dr. Jeff Anastasio at Louisiana Family Eyecare, offered no-cost eye appointments to all NFL officials after the Saints’ loss to the LA Rams in January 2019. In less than 12 hours, the post had been shared over 1k times and was gaining local and national exposure– even getting a shout out on The Today Show.

A Case Study In Viral Excellence

In this instance, it was owner Dr. Anastasio who took matters into his own hands following the devastating loss that prevented his team from advancing to the Superbowl. While the post may have been a gut reaction to the loss, the viral firestorm that came with it was a welcomed boost of notoriety for the practice.

With a total of 1,538 shares, 24,123 engagements, 309,209 people reached and shoutouts from national media outlets, Louisiana Family Eyecare was quickly propelled into the national spotlight.

Now, fast forward 8 months later to the kick-off of the 2019-2020 preseason and a follow-up post. In less than 12 hours, Louisiana Family Eyecare’s post had been shared over 6k times and was featured on the local news station, WDSU.


The Formula For Success

Some may consider this simple luck, but as marketing professionals we understand that there is a formula for success that viral posts follow. Posts that go viral have the most success when they come from an authentic or relatable place. In this case, the entire NFL fan base had just finished watching one of the worst calls of the season and could freshly commiserate with Dr. Anastasio’s frustrations. Posting with humor also didn’t hurt—everyone loves to share a good laugh. THIS is the formula for making the most of your social media marketing.

When companies are connected with their audiences, show up authentically, and apply an effective social media strategy, their opportunities to see viral success are maximized.

A few Ways to show up authentically on social media:

  • Be honest with successes AND setbacks

  • Stop selling or pushing services 24/7 (it’s ok to simply add value without a call-to-action!)

  • Skip the clickbait headlines and topics

  • Show behind-the-scene moments with your audience

  • Help your customers or clients get to know your team

  • Answer questions and respond to comments

Now, consider that with MOXY’s team operating behind the scenes on a daily basis, their social media was already benefiting from consistent posts and engagement. This helped to increase their chances of reaching a higher number of people, even prior to going viral.

Our strategy– assist our clients in telling their story using engaging and authentic content, while staying behind the scenes to ensure their social media marketing is thriving.

How MOXY Works For You

At MOXY, we understand that this can be difficult to accomplish on your own. While social media marketing is uncharted territory for some– specially doctors– for us, it’s an everyday adventure—and we love it!  We strive to help support and offset the challenges our clients face by providing the social media tools, ideas, resources and strategies they need so they can get back to doing what they do best.

Our experienced team can facilitate every marketing business need from compelling content creation and data analyzation to lead generation.This allows medical practices, healthcare organizations and any type of business to focus on tasks that are required for business growth. Or, and feel free to call us crazy, but with MOXY successfully managing your social media, you can enjoy more time for yourself. If you’re ready to see how MOXY can make a difference in your social media marketing—and provide marketing strategy you need or the the workload relief you want—contact us today! You’re one call away from stress-free social media success! 

Old School Marketing in Today's Technology

Old School Marketing in Today's Technology

A personalized touch can mean a lot in today’s society, especially when it comes to healthcare. Think about situations that occur throughout your day. There is some form of technology you interact with, whether it is changing the radio station, checking your bank accounts, or giving your insurance card to your healthcare provider. While technology is helpful, in many situations, it also removes something important- the human connection! Personal communication can go a long way, especially in a time when most of us are consumed by technology all day.

Healthcare, as defined by Miriam-Webster, are efforts made to maintain or restore physical, mental, or emotional well-being especially by trained and licensed professionals. Because of today’s technology, different aspects of healthcare are being lost- compassion, care, and the comfort of genuine human concern. After all, isn’t that what we all want from our doctor who is caring for our health? Along with technological advancements, what we all want from our doctor is compassion and care. To give your practice a well-rounded marketing plan, it’s important to do both old school connecting with patients alongside modern marketing tactics. Here are a few:


This is still an important tool! It’s more than an e-mail blasts; think about it - how quickly do you scan through your emails, deciding whether or not you have time to read, digest, or care about the message and contents? You do this in a few seconds. As a society, we get less and less paper mail, so when we do receive something in the mail, we pay attention to it more. Here are some ways to use old school communication tactics to market your practice and remind current patients that your practice cares about them both inside and outside of the office!

  • Handwritten notes

  • Happy Birthday cards

  • Graduation congrats


Created and given by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Fireside Chats were a series of 30 evening radio addresses with a conversational and friendly tone to them, to address current events and issues facing the nation. Now, let’s fast forward nearly 100 years - Reaching your patients through podcast, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube are tools to do the exact same thing in your medical practice in a simple and budget-friendly way! This is truly marrying a time old marketing tactic with modern technology/social media.

Each week or month, address a new topic in a 5 to 10 minute video. This is a good time span, as it is easily digestible and can be listened to during a commute,  while making dinner or on a quick run. The next biggest hurdle - “What will I talk about?!” Discuss the top questions you’re asked during a new patient visit, new treatment options, or health topics within your speciality. Here are some ideas to get the juices flowing:

  • Talk about breast reconstruction? Dr. M’liss Hogan is the doc to know when it comes to breast reconstruction after breast cancer.

  • Importance of clinical trials. Pontchartrain Cancer Center knows how to share about the importance of clinical trials in the cancer space.

  • Summer fun - Best methods to protect from sun burns, mosquito bites, and more. TIP: Need a dermatologist who knows how to connect with her patients? Check out Dr. Christel Malinski’s Instagram account.

  • The great vaccine debate - How do I figure out what is right for my family? Lots of questions here ~ Head over to St. Tammany Pediatrics for more information.

  • Back Pain -  How to maintain a healthy spine? Look no further - these guys are the BEST - Cantor

  • Tips and pearls for condition and procedure. Two great docs that know how to connect with their patients - Dr. Anthony Giuffrida and Dr. John Asghar

  • Why do I have ringing in my ears? Dr. Leigh Hogan will “listen” and let you know what’s going on.

The sky is the limit when it comes to topics, so get creative! Social Media can serve as a means to reach local and national audiences- both in one fell swoop! It is a platform that has worldwide reach, but you can choose to target your message to your local community. If you are looking to become a thought leader on particular aspect of healthcare, this is a method to showcase your expertise and market your medical practice while reaching patients too!


Don’t be out of sight or out of mind. As a practice and a doctor, the more involved in your community, the more engaged you’ll be. People have to know, like, and trust you first. People who are acquainted with a physician and practice before ever walking through the doors have a sense of trust through a community connection. Some ways to do this would be to sponsor a local youth sports team, donate to a silent auction, sponsor the first aid area for a 5K charity race, give a free health screening on a Saturday at the community center, or go to the elementary school and give a talk about healthy eating and exercise. The sky is the limit with ways to get involved! The key is to choose events that connect back to your specific healthcare speciality. Doing so will put your name and practice out in the community.

Want more advice? We are here to help! We can help craft a genuine and unique marketing plan with old school aspects and modern technology to tell the story of you as a physician or your medical practice. Let’s Get Started!

Collaboration Done Right:  Pharma & Healthcare Companies Can Work Together to Make An Impact

Collaboration Done Right: Pharma & Healthcare Companies Can Work Together to Make An Impact

They say a picture is worth a thousand words- but when said picture is posted to social media, it can quickly be worth thousands more. In our fast-paced digital world all it takes is one photo- say in an operating room with the patient clearly identifiable- to entertain the Internet and quickly leave a physician, medical practice or hospital in danger of violating Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, commonly known as HIPAA.

So is that it?

Should all medical providers cease and desist their online following at once? On the contrary; despite the possible pitfalls, social media platforms can be a great way to connect with patients, provide valuable tips, establish trust,and position themselves as the experts in their field. With the right training and a clear-cut understanding of the rules, regulations and possible violations, physicians and healthcare companies can successfully connect with patients without ever crossing the line. Here are 6 things to consider:

1. Train, train, train

One of the biggest downfalls for companies in general is the lack of proper andconsistent training for their employees. The difference, however, for those inthe medical world is one blunder online can quickly equal tens of thousands of dollars in penalties. To avoid this, ensure every physician and new employee understand the various HIPAA and FDA regulations in regards to social media and medical marketing. Don’t forget to keep continued education a focus throughout the year, as well.

Ultimately, in healthcare, a patient’s health and privacy is the biggest priority, and it’s the responsibility of those who are managing the marketing to make sure anyone associated or employed by a medical practice or hospital has a firm grasp of what is permissible and what is not.

2. PHI violations = fines

The most important key to smart social media and HIPAA practices is to understand what is considered a violation on social networks. The mostcommon violations occur when your staff or healthcare organization does notknow, ignores or overlooks one of the 18 Protected Health Information (PHI) rules. PHI is anything that can reveal a patient’s identity. While it should be obvious that blatantly disclosing the name of a patient is a violation, it can also happen unintentionally; if a patient’s name is visible on paperwork, a monitoror X-ray document in an image, that also is considered a violation. For a full list of the 18 PHI violations, visit the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services at

3. All in the details

The most important key to smart social media and HIPAA practices is to understand what is considered a violation on social networks. The most common violations occur when your staff or healthcare organization does not know, ignores or overlooks one of the 18 Protected Health Information (PHI) rules. PHI is anything that can reveal a patient’s identity. While it should be obvious that blatantly disclosing the name of a patient is a violation, it can also happen unintentionally; if a patient’s name is visible on paperwork, a monitoror X-ray document in an image, that also is considered a violation.

4. Taking ownership

We get it- it wasn’t posted under your company account, so why are you being held responsible, right? Unfortunately, even if you follow all of the rules for your company’s social media accounts, the possibility of a patient posting to your account or an employee posting on their private accounts, can still cause problems. For this reason, on Facebook specifically, it is recommendedthat physicians and healthcare institutions disable the ability for individuals to post directly to their Facebook walls. Allowing individuals to post directly to a medical practice, physician or hospital’s Facebook page could open up the opportunity for private patient information to be shown- and therefore, violating HIPAA.

If a patient posts something that is in clear violation of HIPAA to one of your account’s pages, do not engage in conversation with them about it and immediately seek guidance on whether the post should be deleted ornot. Hiring a marketing professional in the field of healthcare, is alwaysrecommended.

5. Define clear guidelines

Developing a foundation of guidelines for your social media presence is paramount to staying compliant. Creating a practice social media guideline is vital when your staff is active on social platforms. Some basic guidelines include:

  • Provide clear examples of do’s and don’ts

  • Have each social platform approved prior to use

  • Create a compliant social media marketing calendar to be approved ahead of time

  • Monitor and moderate the accounts and comments on a routine basis

  • Control who has access to the company accounts

  • Encourage employees to report any violations they see

6. Don’t forget the FDA

While everyone seems to be focused on remaining HIPAA compliant, we don’t want you to overlook the FDA’s stand on social media violations, as well. Remember, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tightly regulates advertising or sharing of information related to drugs and even medical devices. Physicians and pharma companies are also under strict guidelines when it comes to marketing or responding to requests related to the off- label use or procedure of a drug or treatment. Pharma and medical device companies are required to post the “good, bad and the ugly” when marketing their products. Many pharma and device companies provide physicians and healthcare institutions with social media content - graphics, gifs, videos, captions - assets as well as approved content to use. To stay within FDA compliance, it’s imperative that when using content and/or graphics created by pharma companies, it is used exactly as the guidelines require.

Should healthcare professionals choose to use social media marketing, they and their staff should always use guidelines and best practices as required to stay HIPAA compliant and FDA regulated.

At the end of the day, think before you post. Don’t share the patients’ names, personal information or photos without proper consent, keep social profiles professional and clean and never post a possibly criminal or negligent act being committed (we know that seems super common sense but you’d be surprised!)

A marketing plan is an essential tool for any hospital, physician or independent medical practice. A plan will create a thriving social media presence allowing you to inform, connect and educate patients in many of the same ways other companies have been taking full advantage of (in a good way) for years.

The first step in preparing a strategic plan, is to hire or consult or marketing professional that specializes in healthcare, like MOXY Company. Having a clear roadmap and guidelines for all in your organization to follow will help a with planning, anticipating, assessing, preparing, and protecting your organization from any pitfalls, as well as creating a successful marketing strategy.